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SKY CLUB "Hall of Fame"
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Well, this is the original SKY CLUB Team.

Most of us are not TDs anymore, but we're trying to make the best Club just for you, our great players!

The Real STAR in our Team.

TD: dion1

"I am living in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. I am a
compugraphicer and working in our Adv.Agency with my husbund together.
I love bridge. and playing it since 1988. I owed so much to SKY CLUB because as a member of this team I had wonderfull friends."

TD: farecik

"always tried do the best, but why I sometimes do it, "error" again"

TD: siliwangi

My name is Antoaneta. I am from Varna, a beautiful city on the Black sea.I am an Italian teacher. I love music, sports, football (I am a big AC Milan's fan), travelling, foreign languages, dances etc. My both parents were national champions, so that is how I got my interest in bridge.

TD: ahala

My BBO nick is yakowzki, my name is Haldun, i was born on the 6 th of the july 1973.
I have been playing bridge for 15 years.
I am living in Sivas/ TURKIYE

I like playing bridge and reading bridge books, bridge is a main part of my life.

TD: yakowzki

Hi all, I'm Jezzica from Indonesia. i'm 23 this year. A baby for a Bridge because i know this game from my school in 2004. I knew SKY CLUB from my friend, he was a TD in SKY CLUB too. He teach me how to manage good tourney. And i start to work with SKY CLUB because of my beloved boss Galy in October 2007. I hope You all enjoy while i'm Your TD :)!

TD: Dee_Je

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